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Ollie Ashenden is Adelaide's only Clarks Platinum specialist
Ollie Ashenden is a Clarks Platinum specialist

There are several things to consider when selecting shoes for your child. Shoes should be fitted not only for length but width, depth and heel fit as well. That is where our expertise and extensive range comes in handy.

At Ollie’s we stock shoes in full and half sizes as well as up to six different widths.

Shoes can be a bit like ladies clothes, where across brands and even sometimes within brands a size 10 is not always a size 10.

We will take as much time with your child as necessary to ensure that we get the perfect fit and ensure that everyone is happy.

When you purchase a pair of shoes we’ll ask if you would like us to start a fitting card for your child. Although our hand written cards may seem a little archaic, it is a 41-year store tradition that we find to be useful and more personal than other methods.

The card will chart your child’s growth and progress and alert us to anything we need to look out for or keep an eye on.

Although it is always preferable for you to bring your child in for a fitting we know this may not always be possible. If you can’t, a fitting card will help us to advise you on selection of size, style and fit based on previous growth patterns.

If you find when you take them home and put them on your child you are not sure on the fitting, we are more than happy to exchange them for another size.

We also do postal orders. Give us a call or email us for details.

First Fit

Your child’s feet can grow up to a size in length in their first month of walking as they begin to test out muscles they didn’t know they had. Allow them time to build their confidence before having their first shoes fitted. Too early and you may hinder their progress.

We suggest that first shoes be fitted when the child has been walking unaided for approximately 6-8 weeks.

If your child needs some kind of protection before this time, non-slip socks will be fine inside, or alternatively we carry a range of pre-walkers, as well as a selection of soft-soled shoes designed for first steps.

When selecting first shoes, options to consider may include boots, shoes, sandals, sneakers, velcro, laces or buckles?

At Ollie’s we’ll use the measuring gauge as a starting point and then our knowledge and experience takes over. We can usually tell by looking at your child’s feet what brands and styles will be suitable – we have been doing this for 41 years after all!

Unfortunately your child’s first shoes aren’t going to fit for very long – but as we are sure you are aware, if there is one thing you can’t stop children doing, it’s growing.

On average a child will outgrow their first pair in approximately three months.  We’ll suggest that you bring your child back at that time to have the fit checked. If they still fit, we’ll tell you and suggest that you come back at a later date.

Ongoing Fit

Your child’s feet will continue to develop up until the age of 18, so it’s not just the first few pairs that should be supportive and properly fitted.

Our shoes range from a teeny-tiny size 2 to an enormous size 16. We have children whose feet fill both extremes and thousands that fit in between.

Special Fit

We have seen plenty of orthotics and other corrective foot devices in our time and are perfectly comfortable with them as we are in regular contact with local podiatrists and physios to ensure that we are aware of patient needs.

Ollie Ashenden Children's Shoes